About LidStop

LidStopĀ Tackling 7 Wheelie Bin ChallengesĀ with One Solution!Ā 

LidStop, the ultimate Wheelie bin attachment! Prevents the bin lid from flipping backward and ensures automatic closure after the garbage truck empties and sets the bin back on solid ground.

Ā adds resistance to the bin lid, preventingĀ Birds and WindĀ from flipping it backward. The automatic lid closure not only addresses this issue but also solves other problems, such as preventing rainwater filling, reducing water runoff contamination, minimising litter, eliminating odours, and preventing bin damage.

When a bin is overfilled and can't be locked, birds have a field day flipping the lid and pulling out the garbage. With LidStop in place, overfilled bin lids resist flipping back, requiring too much effort for birds to hold them ajar. Additionally,Ā LidStopĀ adds downward pressure, preventing rubbish from escaping inĀ windy conditions.

LidStop easily attaches to the handle of your Wheelie bin. Designed to flex, it's a simple and cost-effective solution. UV protected and unbreakable, it requires no tools and has no moving parts. Birds simply don't have the strength to remove it.

LidStop flexes and expands, allowing the bin contentsĀ 
to be emptied without any issues. It's a set-and-forget product that never needs to be removed, except for easy unclipping when it's time to clean the bin.

LidStop goes beyond a lockā€”it's a Set and Forget solution. No need to remember to engage a lock, and it outsmarts clever birds who can figure out some traditional locks.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance. I'm here to help!

KindĀ Regards,
Ray Sharpe.
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